Of All The Places I've Never Known

by Frankel

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This is an EP that had to be made. One guitar, one banjo, one voice. This is as real as it gets when it comes to who I am. I am very excited that I can provide you some insight into my life right now through music, and it's something I'll always be able to look back on. This 4 song EP is something of a scrapbook that I hope will mean something different to everyone. Enjoy.


released October 19, 2014

All songs were written, performed, and recorded by Jacob Frankel, with the exception of Geography Counts, which was co-written by Nicholas Meza.

Wonderfully, I have many people to thank for this release, for many different things, so in an order that is only particular to me:

Sam Reeves
Ian Graham
Nate Genrich
Mia Jeannotte
Kirsten Richards
Stephanie Pelletier
Nicholas Meza
The Moon
Mom & Dad




Frankel Portland, Maine

Making music for everything and everyone
Except money and North Korea

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Track Name: Gnomes Are Still Scarier Than Ebola
When you were young your dad said
"Don't you trust anyone."
But now you're mom's gone
Were you right to trust him now?
Would you believe me if I said I loved you?
I might not believe myself

Can you believe it?

Now there's no middle 8 in this song that I hate
The theory is too much for fun
But this song is boring
And your life is boring too
Don't you see,
The Moon is God
Track Name: Geography Counts
Stephanie, Stephanie you're so good to me
You know I will always be at your back
And Stephanie, Stephanie no I can't see
any sign that you might make me crack

But Stephanie, Stephanie don't make fun of me
Or I might not regain control
And Stephanie I went searching on the sea
but it's for you that my bell tolls

Stephanie, Stephanie you're no good to me
But I can't keep myself from coming back
Cause Stephanie, Stephanie you don't see
All of the beautiful things I lack

Stephanie, don't leave me alone.
If you love me
If you trust me at all

Don't leave me alone.
Track Name: 12/8/80
I remember the wetness on the stairs
And how we all fell down
Into your town
It's only you
A statistic now
A lack of "Know how"
And now I'm alone
And so far from