Demo 2015

by Frankel

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This is a sneak peak of the kind of things I've been working on recently.


released January 13, 2015





Frankel Portland, Maine

Making music for everything and everyone
Except money and North Korea

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Track Name: Pills
Now I know. Now I'm aware of all the things that I can do.
And if it matters I'll tell you now that I owe my life to you.
And if you want out, if you wanna go, grab your things and leave me.
Won't waste no more time chasing a ghost that knew when to leave me.

And I'll feel sad cause I'll be alone
But I won't be by myself.

Now you're aware. Now you know of all the things that I can be.
And if it matters I'll you now, you can always trust in me.
Through our inner wars, through all the silence, I will keep on squeezing (by)
As long as you want me, you can still have me. I will always be on your side.
Track Name: Nice Pic Yo
We're spinning 'round
We're lost, not found
But I will never forget the night I ran to you.

I go through town.
I see the way they look at the world
And you, well you're not mine
But that's just fine.

I lost myself
You wrapped up purpose as a gift and put it on my shelf
But like messiah to a cross, we got lost
So now I'm running away.

And I'm still running.