Demo 2014

by Frankel

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A collection of poorly recorded songs from the summer of 2014


released July 31, 2014

Jacob Frankel
Special Thanks:
Mia Jeannotte
Sam Reeves
Nate Genrich
Grace Drennan



all rights reserved


Frankel Portland, Maine

Making music for everything and everyone
Except money and North Korea

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Track Name: Meatball Underwhelming
Do you remember how it felt when I said I would not remember you
oh you oh you oh you
oh you
Track Name: Playgrounds
Do you remember what it meant to be king
Do you want anything like that still
Do you think that I’d give that for you
Would you be shocked to know you’re right?

You are your words but only to me
Basking in the light of your life
Your thoughts are more complex than we are
but I don’t mind, we’re not far

Do you ever wonder if somebody loves you
as you walk by them do they float above you
And if you stop and listen you will hear the love
that’s coming towards you in every direction
The world will be yours if you want it
The world can be ours while we’ve got it
The world is nothing more than what you want it
so be it good or not

I’ll be yours tonight
And every night
so should you like
until I die

Do you remember oh do you remember how it felt when I said I would remember you
Do you know if I’m telling the truth or is it just faith in me

And you are beautiful
More than you know
So just be you
And it will show
Track Name: Lady North Korea
oooo ahhh
You aren't mine anymore
You're not mine to worry about
so if you fall I won't be there to catch you
I won't be there to care for you
I won't care if you die
But don't die
'cause the government needs you
Track Name: Summer Air
He doesn't think, he doesn't speak
But it's not her that makes him weak
They are over and gone
But still he wonders why nothing went wrong

If you want I'll be yours
Just lay with me on the floor
I'll kiss you and I'll wonder
if you're what I'm looking for

Go to, go to
She's not what he wanted life to be
You are what I want in life
Track Name: Buying gf
Track Name: Garden Bathing
I didn’t think about you last night oh I didn't think about you
I haven’t thought about you in days oh what would Judas do?
I don’t think that you love me still but you just may well do
I don’t think when you were thirteen you knew what I would do
I didn’t think about you last night oh I didn't think about you
I didn't think about you last night but tonight I'll dream of you
Track Name: Instant Oatmeal
And I was lost
I'm still lost
There's no warmth in your arms
I can't find refuge from her eyes in your eyes
But I'm alive

And you found me
And you loved me
But I'm not who I should be
Because of her, though I'm good to you
I don't think I can love you

Because of my love in a princedom by the sea
There's another man
Is he better than me?
And If you're leaving fuck all our love
Take all your things before push comes to shove

*Agressive Ukulele*

And I love her
I don't love you
But she is dead
She died in Corfu
Oh my god

Oh Anna, hold me
Oh Anna I'm so lonely
Oh you're my one and only
Oh Anna won't you hold me

So I'm leaving
You do the same
America calls my name.
There I will live
Maybe I'll love
Oh my God.