Aestas Aeternam

by Frankel

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released April 1, 2015

Music and Lyrics by Jacob Frankel
Inspiration from the summer and my friends and the girls I loved and the girls I lost. Or something.

Special Thanks:
Mia Jeannotte
Sam Reeves
Ian Graham
Andrew Plouffe
Shawn Martel
Caroline Bull
Wayne Frankel
Nicholas Meza




Frankel Portland, Maine

Making music for everything and everyone
Except money and North Korea

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Track Name: In Winter
You come to me with blood on your hands
Ask me to hold them?
Do you think I'm that kind of man?
'Cause I don't know it.

There's a me, says I can't be free
But he's a ghost, so make the most
Show me darkness but be my light
I'll see for you when you lose sight

And will you drink from my lips again?
And together we will bend
And form the shapes that we see in our dreams.
When we sleep
Our dreams
When we meet.
Track Name: Leaf Peepers
We're spinning 'round
We're lost, not found
But I will never forget the night I ran to you

I go through town
I see the way they look at the world
And you
Well you're not mine
But that's just fine.


I lost myself.
You wrapped up purpose as a gift and put it on my shelf
But like Messiah to a cross
We got lost

So now I run away
Track Name: Garden Bathing
I didn't think about you last night, no I didn't think about you
I haven't thought about you in days, oh what would Judas do?

I didn't think about you last night, no I didn't think about you
I don't know if you still love me, but you very well may do

I didn't think about you last night, no I didn't think about you
I don't think when we were thirteen you knew what I would do

I didn't think about you last night, no I didn't about you
I haven't thought about you in days, but tonight I'll dream of you
Track Name: 12/8/80
I remember the wetness on the stairs
And how we all fell down
Into your town

It's only you. It's only you.
A statistic now
A lack of know-how

And now I'm alone
Now I'm alone
And so far from...
Track Name: Summer Air
He doesn't think, He doesn't speak
But she's not what makes him weak
They are over and gone
But still he wonders why nothing went wrong

If you want, I'll be yours
Just lay with me on the floor
I'll kiss you and I'll wonder
If you're what I'm looking for

Go to, go to

She's not what he wanted life to be.

You are all I want in life.
Track Name: Instant Oatmeal (The First and Unsuccessful Marriage of Humbert Humbert)
And I was lost
I'm still lost
There's no warmth in your arms
I can't find refuge from her eyes in your eyes
But I'm alive

And you found me
And you loved me
Though I'm not who I should be
Because of her, though I'm good to you
I don't think I can love you

Because of my love in a princedom by the sea
There's another man
Is he better than me?
And if you're leaving, fuck all our "love"
Take you things before push comes to shove

And I love her. I don't love you
But she's now gone, she died in Corfu
Oh my god, oh my god...

Oh Anna, hold me

Oh Anna, hold me, oh Anna I'm so lonely, oh Anna you're my one and only oh, Anna won't you hold me?

So I'm leaving. You do the same.
America calls my name.
There I will live. Maybe I'll love
Oh my god, oh my god.
Track Name: Cold Walks
You didn't want me to feel like I was strong enough to carry on
And that's my fault or so they tell me

And you didn't have faith in love or know how it works
Or maybe that's my curse

But I'm losing ground on the fight to keep me alive
And if you ask the cops or the doctors then that's just fine

And you are the only thing that right now I wanna see
Yet somehow I can't shake the feeling you'll just avoid me
For the rest of our lives

Touch me
I'll give you my skin

And Breathe me
I'll give you my sin
Track Name: And So He Left Everything Young
I like the patches on your bag
And how your clothes sag
I think it's pretty rad

And I've been thrown away so many times before
It's kind of a bore at this point in time

The cat dragged in nothing but pain
A waste of my time
Good luck to the new guy

But you play the part of rejuvenation to me
And that's just what I need

And you are the only thing and everything I've thought about this week
And that's how I like it

So I'm moving on from a girl who don't know how love works
And I'll be my own man for weeks, months or years though it hurts

'cause I don't need you.
Track Name: Ave Aestas
Taste the summer on your lips
Trace the sand with your fingertips
Do you remember how it was?

Feel the warmth from the glowing sky
See the smiling you and I
Do you remember what we were?

You used to tell me I wasn't punk
I used to tell you how far I'd sunk
But you could always pull me back

Laughing at my room's walls
Singing to you on late night calls
All I ever wanted was for you to believe
Track Name: You Got Me A Fork
Why don't you believe the words I say
Would you believe me now?

You had my love and you threw it all away
I'm not alone when thoughts of you are shown

There's light in the sky
There light in your eyes
There's light oh tonight
The light of your life

And I will love you
And I will love you forever